Why I Need To Get Fit

There are a number of reasons why I need to get fit. Throughout Christmas 2014 a number of realities hit home. With my weight rising by the day amidst endless lunches and boozy nights out I decided to embark on a journey towards fitness.

The reasons why I need to get fit are:

  • My fat stomach: My clothes are struggling to fit and I cant justify a new wardrobe.
  • My growing children: As the kids get older playing football in the garden becomes more difficult. I need to get fit to enjoy games with the kids.
  • My family history: Unfortunately my family has never been overun with elderly relatives. Sevral generations of poor diet, smoking and lack of exercise must stop now. It’s time to break the cycle.
  • My hapiness: Once upon a time I was a fit young man. With a healthy body comes a healthy mind and I want to benefit at home and work from a fitter future.
  • My age: I’m well beyond the age of 40. If I dont get a grip of my fitness now it may be too late.
  • My bucket list: I still want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. Every year that goes by makes this goal get further away.

The reasons why I need to get fit are clear when I jump on the Wii Fit. The graph illustrates my ever expanding waistline and constant weight gain.

Why I need to get fit
Why I need to get fit

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