5 tips for planning a healthy weekend

5 tips for planning a healthy weekendDo you go to the gym all week but undo all your hard work at the weekend? Here’s 5 tips for planning a healthy weekend to minimise the damage caused by letting your hair down on a Friday evening and continuing with bad habits over the weekend.

Here are my 5 tips for planning a healthy weekend:

Schedule a Monday morning workout

Nothing focuses the mind more than a workout that you’ve scheduled in advance. By reserving a place at the 5.30am CrossFit session each Monday I find it easier to refrain from the excesses of a wild weekend. Knowing that you’re due at the gym in 29 hours is great way to get to bed soon after midnight on a Saturday.

Plan every meal

I’m a sucker for takeaways, particularly after a rowdy drinking session with my mates as we Enjoy Manchester bars and pubs. Kebabs, pizzas and a late night curry were once my usual vices after a night on the town. After waking up with a weekend hangover this high fat diet of processed food would be topped up with a sausage sandwich or Great British Full English Breakfast consisting of bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, sausage, hash browns, fried mushrooms, tomatoes and fried bread. Not any more!

These days I plan my diet ahead of the weekend. I ensure I have healthier options in the fridge to curb my late night cravings or ease a hangover. Scrambled eggs and Spanish omelette are my new favourites. Having a few packs of gluten free, wheat free, Heck sausages on-hand to provide a protein filled Whole 30 compliant accompaniment means i dont miss my old diet too much.

Choose a drinking night

Weekends started on a Thursday when I was younger. Alcohol fueled weekends consistent of heavy drinking on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Looking back that’s a hell of a lot of time spent drinking, drunk and hungover. Add to that the calories consumed in food and drink plus money wasted up the wall and you’ve got to wonder how I’m still here!

Nowadays I’m a little more reserved. The wife and I plan only one night on the ale, usually Friday or Saturday, to met with friends and work towards a hangover. I can let my hair down without undoing all of the good work done in the gym, the pool or on the roads throughout the previous week.

Set your alarm clock at the weekend

Nothing beats waking up after a long weekend lie in. The feeling of waking up with your beloved in a cozy warm bed after a few hours extra sleep is always amazing. But I try not to do it.

If I have just one weekend lie-in it kicks by sleeping pattern to hell and the Monday 5.30am WOD doesn’t happen. I’ve found a compromise. A mini-lie-in until 7.30am allows me to recharge my batteries without affecting my sleeping pattern. I always set my alarm, even when partying through to the early hours.

Always carry a bottle of water with you

Hydration is something I’ve got a tendency to ignore. During the week the constant cycle of business meetings, presentations and traveling make it easy to drink too much coffee and not enough water. At the weekend I always carry a bottle of water with me. This is easy when taking the kids to football or going out for a family day-out. This not only tops up my water levels but is a great way to get over a hangover!

By re-shaping my weekend I’ve been able to adapt my routine around my new found desire to get fit. I’m able to socialise with friends, enjoy nights out and quench by insatiable thirst for beer. All without undoing all of the gains made during the week running, swimming, cycling or at CrossFit.

Share your 5 tips for planning a healthy weekend

I hope you find my  5 tips for planning a healthy weekend useful. Let me know of any advice to help Get Fit Old Man!

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