Bruck CrossFit WOD

Bruck CrossFit WODThe Bruck CrossFit WOD is a ‘hero WOD’ in memory of U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Nathan B. Bruckenthal. He was killed, aged 24, at the Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal off the coast of Iraq. A boat that he and his team intercepted near the terminal exploded. The workout contains running, back squats and jerks. Today I tackled it after a session of Handstand progressions.

This is my second CrossFit Hero WOD after completing the Becky CrossFit Workout a while ago. Spending an hour in the box remembering fallen heros is good for the soul. It reminds me how lucky I am.

Three reasons to do the Bruck CrossFit WOD

I love this workout for a number of reasons:

  1. It contains something we all like, be it strength, running or technique focus.
  2. It’s a hard workout that lasts for a while and requires mental toughness
  3. It provides all round strength conditioning


10 A Frame Press Ups
3 Rounds of:
3 Inch Worms
6 Bent over Rows (DB)
9 PVC Pipe Dislocates
10 Hindu Press Ups


Handstand Push-ups (Wall Walk Technique & Kick Up Technique )

Handstand Progressions – Pike Round the Worlds


4 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
24 Back Squats, 185#
24 Jerks, 135#

In honor of U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Third Class Nathan B. Bruckenthal, 24, of Smithtown, NY, was killed on April 24, 2004

25 Min Cut Off

Use 2 Bars if you are going RX.

Only use 1 bar if you are not going for Rx!

Rx – 85/60kg BS
Rx – 60/40 Jerks

1) 45/30kg

2) 30/15kg

Jerks can be split or Push Jerks

Bars MUST be cleaned from the floor.

I used a 30kg barbell at CrossFit Infiniti. My time was 23 mins 6 seconds. Have you done the Bruck CrossFit WOD? Leave a comment to let me know how you got on.

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