The Complex Complex CrossFit Workout


– Hip / Glute
– Groin
2 Rounds of:
200m Run
5 Back Squats
8 Good Mornings
10 KB Swings


Back Squat (10-8-5-5-5 on a 4 min rolling clock)

I did 30kg, 40kg,. 50kg, 60kg & 70kg


The Complex Complex (Weight)

The following complex is 1 Rep, for the rep to count the barbell must not touch the floor until after the final Shoulder to Overhead and the bar is controlled back to the floor – a drop equals a NO REP.

1 Clean (Power is allowed)
3 Front Squats
5 Shoulder to Overhead

Your score is the total weight you lift in a 15 Minute window. Your weight for each 1 rep of the complex is 1x the weight on your barbell – All you need to count is the total complete reps!

I did 25 reps at 20kg. A total of 500kg

Crossfit: Distance: 0.0km, Elevation Gain: 0m, Moving Time: 01:00:00, Average Speed: 0.0km/h
Source: Strava Activities

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