You fat bastard

You Fat Bastard

I’m quickly slipping back to where I was pre-Christmas, before I started the Get Fit Old Man blog. After the excess of the summer holiday, a calf injury, a slovenly attitude and too much socialising I find myself feeling fatter and more lethargic.

Whilst people in the street don’t yet shout “You fat bastard” I am aware that I’m heading in a negative direction. Right, it’s time to do something about it – cue the Rocky theme tune and #mondaymotivation !You fat bastard

After a long hard look in the mirror I realise that getting back in the saddle fitness wise is need due to a number of harsh facts:

  • I’m not exercising
  • I’m not eating correctly
  • I’m not sleeping enough
  • I’m not drinking enough water
  • I’m drinking too much beer

As a result of this behavior I’m never going to get fit. Far from it. I’ve experienced a number of worrying changes in the way I look, I feel and I behave:

  • I’m not motivated to exercise
  • I feel sluggish
  • My wee is dark (and it smells)!
  • I’m drawn to eating junk food
  • Drinking in the evening is the norm
  • My wallet contains too many McDonalds receipts from the morning after
  • My summer holiday clothes feel tight
  • I feel less positive about myself
  • I’m less positive around my family
  • I’m less positive at work

Do something about it then you fat bastard

I don’t know if I’m a little OCD but I always find that Monday is the best day to start a fitness regime. Today is a Monday. Today is the day to get #mondaymotivation from the world rather than shouts of “You fat bastard” Today is the day to start my latest fitness comeback.

I’m going to obey the 10 commandments of fitness from today. I’m due to be away overnight tonight but I’ve packed my running kit and swimming gear. I’m staying at a hotel with a gym and a pool. Right, you fat bastard, there’s no excuse!

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